How not to Lose Everything in Betting


Betting bookmakers accept not only sports, but also on any event where there are options for the outcome. In offices, you can put, for example, on who wins the next game, “What? Where? When? ”Or who will be the next president of the United States. Visit ww88 and learn all you need to know about betting!


We asked the experts of the betting market to give some tips for beginning players.

  1. Decide on your strategy. On the Internet there are lots of sites for betters (players of bookmakers). It describes in detail the various financial strategies. Choose the one that is closest to you and try to stick to it.
  2. Do not put on everything. If you catch yourself thinking that you are betting on a team you hear about for the first time, it’s time for you to tie up with bets. Do not put on everything. Decide for yourself with sports and tournaments that are most interesting for you and which you understand. Learn statistics, team history, news of injuries and disqualifications, etc.
  3. Learn capper tips. Cappers are analysts who are well aware of a particular sport (or championship) and make predictions (these can be former or current athletes, commentators, sports journalists). Often, these forecasts are completely free laid out on numerous betting sites, which we have already mentioned above. If you are going to bet on this or that event, do not be lazy to study what cappers think about this.
  4. Keep statistics of your rates. Do not be lazy to record for yourself how much you bet, how much you win, etc. So it will be clearly seen how true your chosen strategy.
  5. Put free money. Play only for the money that you would spend on entertainment (going to the cinema, taking a walk with friends, etc.). Do not put your last savings or money on which your family still lives until the next salary. And even more so do not put in debt and do not take loans for this!
  6. Do not believe in “match fixtures”. The internet is full of offers to share, on a paid basis, information about alleged contractual matches. Do not believe them! Overwhelmingly, this is a scam. Most often, you are given a free forecast for the match, you bet and win, and then you are offered to pay for the next prediction. It works like this. The scammer has 10 customers waiting for “information”. He gives five of them a forecast for the victory of the team, and the second five says that this team will lose. With any outcome, half of the clients will win and it will be easier to “dissolve” them for money. Remember: if contractual matches exist, nobody will spread information about them to the first person on the Internet.

7. Do not recoup. The most common mistake of novice players is that if they lose, they immediately try to recoup as quickly as possible by betting on the nearest event. These decisions are made thoughtlessly and instinctively, which in 90% of cases leads to loss. Our advice – after losing, do not rush to immediately put more. Take a break. Best of all, if you decide for yourself with the schedule: roughly speaking, do not make more than one rate per day.

Beginners Guide to Online Casino

The internet variation of traditional gambling enterprises is the Online กาสิโน sites. These online gambling establishments allow individuals to play casino games on the computer via the web. This is very easy for them they have to kick back home and also invest their time taking pleasure in video games. There are complimentary ready the people online. They can practice video games and also without shedding anything they discover the methods of video games.

Casino poker rooms that are turning up every day. As soon as an individual has determined to go for on the internet casino, he needs to choose the ideal online casino site which are of excellent quality standards, have a high trust fund, and a significant degree of gamer service. You need to improve your game with the complimentary cash provided by the online casinos. The online gambling establishments are 24/7, and it is open any time as well as for however time you intend to have a game.

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Some essential rules need to be kept in mind before beginning gaming online:

The online casino must be very carefully picked with a couple of points that must be born in mind:

  • The online gambling establishment you choose for betting should be well reputed.
  • The on the internet กาสิโน gambling establishment needs to offer with the software program to play the video games online, the software application provided should work with your computer system.
  • Variety of video games ought to be available for wagering.
  • The gambling establishments need to offer incentives. There must be no deposit, no subscription or monthly fees.
  • They ought to give a correct customer like the users. There need to be proper standards or suggestions mentioned on the website to aid the customers.
  • The conditions that are provided on the website should be easily understandable by you and when comprehended and concurred by you, only after that register on the site.
  • If the details defined on the site relating to right loan is not satisfying after that, you need to speak to the gambling enterprise in the individual.
  • If any time you have an issue or a disagreement in the casino, it ought to be first sorted out with the manager of the gambling enterprise, if not after that the Interaction Pc Gaming Council must be contacted.
  • The terms and conditions on the different websites differ, so one should review them whenever.
  • The gamer ought to ensure that he takes complete advantage of the current promotions offered, as soon as he has picked the กาสิโน site. These promos are provided in the form of chips like subscribe benefit, or match reward.

Perfection for the Online Casino Games Right Now

Title catchy, beautiful presentation, it smells scam, and yet…. These few tips will be of great use when you are in your favorite casino.

Do not be a player:

Strange paradox to advise you not to be a player on a site dedicated to games. But you will notice the subtlety: I did not tell you “do not play”. So be master of yourself. Know how to limit the damage and do not try to redo yourself at all costs. Conversely, if you win, know how to be satisfied, luck has its limits.

Know how to limit yourself in the gain:

You must know that luck has only one time and that too much, we can lose everything.

Know how to limit yourself in the loss:

Before playing in a casino, set a sum not to exceed and consider that it is lost in advance. This will allow you to be less disappointed in case of loss and will reserve a pleasant surprise if you win. The online casino ratingsare there.

Be focused:

Especially if you have a “method”, do not be distracted by those around you. The game in general is very nerve-racking and over the hours, your concentration may weaken. Sit down if necessary (the seats are made for that) and keep your cool. A break may be sometimes saving……..for you to see.

Keep it in your strategy:

Putting a game strategy in place is good … Keeping it is better … On the other hand, all players know that it is useless to wager a roulette number until to death (if you do not die, you will leave considerably “lightened”). If your number does not come out today, it may be out tomorrow, so do not bet more than you originally planned. Accepting your losses may allow you to avoid digging them further.

Choose your game and table

To win, you need luck but also know all the technique of the game you play. Your chances of winning French roulette or any other games will be greater if you know all the finesse (basically you have to know the game at the top to earn more money). All casino tables have minimum and maximum bets. So play according to your means!

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Do not be too greedy

Many players want to leave the casino with incredible winnings. It is the attitude of all or nothing. I put 1000 dollars, I consider them as lost and I would come out with 10 000 dollars or nothing! If you want to win regularly at the casino, we advise you to aim for much smaller gains, of the order of 20 to 30% of your initial investment. If with 1000 dollars of chips to the origin and that you know how to leave with a gain of 200 dollars, you will have more chances to be able to win every day or almost (You will leave course of the casino every time you will have lost a sum noted in advance (200 or 400 dollars).