How not to Lose Everything in Betting


Betting bookmakers accept not only sports, but also on any event where there are options for the outcome. In offices, you can put, for example, on who wins the next game, “What? Where? When? ”Or who will be the next president of the United States. Visit ww88 and learn all you need to know about betting!


We asked the experts of the betting market to give some tips for beginning players.

  1. Decide on your strategy. On the Internet there are lots of sites for betters (players of bookmakers). It describes in detail the various financial strategies. Choose the one that is closest to you and try to stick to it.
  2. Do not put on everything. If you catch yourself thinking that you are betting on a team you hear about for the first time, it’s time for you to tie up with bets. Do not put on everything. Decide for yourself with sports and tournaments that are most interesting for you and which you understand. Learn statistics, team history, news of injuries and disqualifications, etc.
  3. Learn capper tips. Cappers are analysts who are well aware of a particular sport (or championship) and make predictions (these can be former or current athletes, commentators, sports journalists). Often, these forecasts are completely free laid out on numerous betting sites, which we have already mentioned above. If you are going to bet on this or that event, do not be lazy to study what cappers think about this.
  4. Keep statistics of your rates. Do not be lazy to record for yourself how much you bet, how much you win, etc. So it will be clearly seen how true your chosen strategy.
  5. Put free money. Play only for the money that you would spend on entertainment (going to the cinema, taking a walk with friends, etc.). Do not put your last savings or money on which your family still lives until the next salary. And even more so do not put in debt and do not take loans for this!
  6. Do not believe in “match fixtures”. The internet is full of offers to share, on a paid basis, information about alleged contractual matches. Do not believe them! Overwhelmingly, this is a scam. Most often, you are given a free forecast for the match, you bet and win, and then you are offered to pay for the next prediction. It works like this. The scammer has 10 customers waiting for “information”. He gives five of them a forecast for the victory of the team, and the second five says that this team will lose. With any outcome, half of the clients will win and it will be easier to “dissolve” them for money. Remember: if contractual matches exist, nobody will spread information about them to the first person on the Internet.

7. Do not recoup. The most common mistake of novice players is that if they lose, they immediately try to recoup as quickly as possible by betting on the nearest event. These decisions are made thoughtlessly and instinctively, which in 90% of cases leads to loss. Our advice – after losing, do not rush to immediately put more. Take a break. Best of all, if you decide for yourself with the schedule: roughly speaking, do not make more than one rate per day.

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